God Has A Plan For My Life? Dave Barr

Dave Barr grew up in Alburqueque, New Mexico. While living in southern California working for a national company, he visited a church. This is what Dave says took place. “I heard the Bible presented in a way I had not heard before. It was so understandable. Growing up I heard Bible history lessons but I didn’t hear Bible application lessons. I didn’t hear how Jesus wanted a relationship with me daily – that he had a plan for my life, a purpose for my existence. I thought Christianity was really a list of do’s and dont’s.” Many people have a misconstrued view of God because of childhood experiences. For Dave, it was more of a distant, detached sense of legalities void of personal connection – no relationship. That’s why it was so gripping when he heard Biblical preaching he could relate with. Let’s go deeper. Do you have hurtful memories from church? Don’t let that stop you you from experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, himself. Open your heart to him. He’ll come in (Revelation 3:20).